Group Benefits


Valley Insurance Group offers experience and expertise that helps our clients choose employee benefit plans that fit both employer and employee needs.

  • Valley recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach for each employer’s healthcare needs. We will customize the most efficient plan, taking into consideration your company’s unique needs and goals.
  • Our track record of success forges trust within our clients, assuring them Valley Insurance Group takes the best routes to help control claims and associated costs that raise premiums.
  • Valley engages employees and educates them on becoming advocates of their own healthcare, which in exchange creates happy employees and strong, healthy leaders.
  • Our experience shows our clients that the right employee benefits plan promotes healthy and happy employees who create more productivity for companies, while minimizing company risk and maximizing employees’ health.


It is likely that today’s employees will expect employers to offer a dental coverage benefit. Valley Insurance Group offers expert advice to our clients and to companies just beginning their employee benefit search on dental coverage and other key benefits. Call us today 630-232-1640 and we will be happy to sit down and discuss the most cost efficient dental coverage solutions that will keep employers and their employees smiling.

Employees have come to expect Vision Care will be offered as part of their employee benefits plan.

Valley has the knowledge to assist employers as they offer Vision Care as part of their employees’ benefits package plan.

Call us today 630-232-1640 and we will be happy to sit down and discuss the most cost efficient Vision Care solutions that will keep employers and their employees seeing clearly.

Short & Long Term Disability
Valley Insurance Group realizes a person’s most important asset is the ability to earn an income. Valley maps out a plan that keeps these key scenarios at the forefront, while offering solutions and customized coverage for unique needs:

  • Fulfilling financial obligations if you become disabled is imperative.
  • Coverage for accident or illness
  • Provides protection for a portion of your income